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Every Child Alive: Zero30Media/ Unicef Global

A week in very remote Sierra Leone filming an appeal film and this TVC for Unicef about child survival

Zero30Media/ Unicef Thailand

An appeal film for Thai television in remote Madagascar about access to clean water.

Owain Doull's Story: Really Good Films/ Movember

A film about Olympic Gold Medallist Owain Doyle and his story about his best friend's struggle with mental health in lockdown  

Unicef Appeal Film 2019: Zero30Media/ Unicef Thailand

Role: DOP. An appeal film for Thai TV about access to education in remote Thailand. Filming in a very remote jungle. The film is introduced by a former Thai Prime Minister which we filmed in Bangkok.

Zero30Media/ Clearly

A week filming in Rwanda for the charity Clearly. A film about the impact of glasses and eye care.

Unicef Appeal Film 2018: Zero30Media/ Unicef

I filmed two appeal films for Thai television for a telethon night in aid of Unicef. Here is one of the films with Thai TV presenter and actress Min Peechaya.

Delivering the extraordinary in an ordinary day: Telling Tales Productions/ Haven House Children's Hospice

A fundraising film for an end of life children's hospice. This film was a finalist in the Charity Film Awards 2023.

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